Adding Properties

1. To add a customer’s property, on the left menu, click customers, then click properties.


2. This will take you to the main property screen. On this screen click the green “Add New Property” button.


3. Now choose a customer and enter any information for this property.

Setting a default item and service for a property
Using tags to group properties


One Comment

  1. Mike Granec


    I can understand adding a property for a client who repeatedly uses your services, such as a lawn mowing client or plowing client. What about a customer who just uses us one time? When I go to add a visit to the schedule (an actual visit) I select a customer whom I am only going to be visiting one time, but it requires that I select a property. It’s required in order for me to schedule that visit. Doesn’t it make sense to allow us to manually enter the address if we were going to be doing one job at the clients? This means we would have to create the client’s profile and then go add the property. That’s duplicated work. By adding a property that will only use us once also just takes up needed space, because it saves it.

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