1. thetotallawncare@gmail.com

      The Invoice’s have there own number and Estimate’s have there own number. You can set the default number for each one in the account settings for your account. Once it is setup there it should print it on each estimate or invoice.

    1. Paul

      Yes, I believe so. I’ve been using Lawnpro in Australia for a number of years but don’t have the need for GST. That said, there is an ability to input Tax to your calculations. You will need to nominate 10%. Cheers…Paul

  1. chad bowman

    I’m doing a test of the program to see if its a fit for my company. On a test estimate I sent myself it has a pay stub on the estimate. Is there a way to delete that from the estimate? It had it on the PDF file but not on the link.

  2. Kendall Benton

    Sure hope we can get the PayPal option back on invoices. I also did a test invoice and logged into the client portal. The outstanding balance is displayed, but doesn’t show any invoices. The logout button doesn’t redirect the user back to my website like I specified in setup. I am also able to continuously re-register with no notification I already have an account. There are no password requirements either for creating an account. To me, this tells my customers I don’t place a high priority concerning their information especially since they can enter/save credit card info.

  3. Brenda Young

    I wish instead of a flat rate late fee, y’all would implement a percentage rate that is automatically added after the past due date. It’s a real pain having to do it manually. A percentage basis is much better, customers who have a monthly bill of say 1200.00 would be more likely to make sure they pay on time if a 10% late fee of 120.00 is added rather than a measly 10 bucks,…. just sayin

  4. Olivia

    1-how can i print and estimate with out the total charges? so I can give to my crew??
    2 how can I reverse and Invoice to an estimate??

  5. Dave

    I can no longer find the print option to not include a payment stub on invoice and the full invoice does not fit on a 8x 10 page. Did something change – is there another way to eliminate the stub?

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