Creating / Scheduling Visits to Customer’s Properties.

To create a new visit or series of visits click on “Schedule” on the left menu, then click the green “New Event” button and choose “Visit to Customer”.

Once you do this you then have the option to make it a one time visit, a recurring series of visits or a multi-step recurring series.

Here’s a quick definition of each:

A “Single Visit” is just that. It’s a visit one time to a property.

A “Recurring Series” is visits you do more than once but are spaced the same amount of time apart and have the same service performed. An example of this would be mowing a property every 10 days or mowing a property every Thursday.

A “Multi-Step Recurring Series” is a series that can be 2 weeks after the first visit, a month until the next visit, then 8 weeks until the final visit. (This is just an example). In addition to you being able to vary the days between visits, mutli-step recurring visits can have a different service done for each visit.


Here’s an overview video of the process:


You can click the links below to see step by step of setting up each type of visit:

Creating a One Time Visit to a Customer’s Property

Creating a Recurring Series of Visits to a Customer’s Property

Creating a Multi-Step Recurring Series of Visits to a Customer’s Property




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