Time Tracking



  1. aaron.deeter

    Have a difficult time trying to figure out tracking and how to get that up and running. Any help would be great.

  2. thetotallawncare@gmail.com

    Hey see if this works…
    i use my android phone out in the field to mark my customer’s complete etc. I use chrome it seems to be the fastest and it allows me to add a icon for lawnpro. So i open up lawnpro and click schedule then the day I am mowing for example today then click on the customer/property your at then scroll down and hit start time clock and then when your done at the property hit the red button that says stop time clock. Then it will pull up the details… Date Apr. 2nd
    Start 2:13 am (I am not mowing lol can’t sleep)
    End date Apr. 2nd
    End 2:15 am
    Then it will tell you the time spent.
    Just remember to stop the time clock or when you get home you and look at your day it will show some still running and you can’t edit those. Plus it will automatically stop at 24 hrs. Then over the course or several months you can see how efficient you or your guys are being at each property then you can look for ways to improve. Does this help?

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